Make The Most Of It

by Sidelined.

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released August 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Sidelined. Sterling Heights, Michigan

Established May 2013. Formed from members of former Hardcore bands in the northern Detroit area.

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Track Name: Pedestal
Everything that you said to me
is everything that I couldn't be.
Never been one to wait and see,
never been one to beg and plead.
You keep seeking symmetry,
I try to believe you won't limit me.
That's alright as long as we agree
that we both see things differently

this pedestal, was made of gold,
and all I'm told is that I've grown cold.

despite every single seed you sew,
you never leave it the room to grow.
Holding the clock at ransom so I cant be set free.

Four years wasted but you have the taste of,
failure sinking teeth in, while facing demons.
Wasted patience, it's the life you make it.
All expecting payment, but that time came and went.

The patience is wasted.
The patience is wasted.
Build the expectations high,
and watch them crumble from inside.
I regretfully apologize for all the disappointment.
Track Name: Face Down
Painted with the subtleties,
the bigger picture's killing me.
"This is the world that you make it".
Don't want to go so quietly,
but choking on uncertainty,
"This is your world for the taking".

I never bothered to see what i could do,
cause i always knew what failure tastes like.
Bitter on the tongue and back into my lungs,
cursing at the one in the reflection.

The doubt inside me,
has always defined me.

Face Down, what makes you think id chase you now?
The ground never felt so good.
Scraped feet, hit the ground just as they leave,
cause I need to keep myself moving.

Countless times, stuck inside my mind.
Short on time, afraid to waste the time.
we leave behind, helping hands in sight.
Prideful minds, just won't recognize.
I stepped into your shoes and I stumbled through,
miles of open wounds till i found the truth.
Under the rule, of thieves and fools.
I never learned to make the most of it.
Track Name: Blind (redux)
Go ahead, make amends,
take your friends and leave me where you found me.
I know this game, and it's a shame,
that you just cant quit while you're ahead.

I sit and think of all the time that I've wasted,
trying to please you and your two faces.

I think that's where I went wrong for too long,
trying to be something I never wanted.
I think that's where I lost sight in my life,
chasing around their idea of perfection.

Now it's time to break what binds,
to regain my piece of mind.
Your insides must be tired,
of living in that shell you call your life.
and to think that I almost felt sorry.
Bury the scars deep.

With the whole world against us,
I feel so defenseless.
It's our time.
Track Name: Straightjacket
Here we go, down another winding road.
Out of control, keeping my eyes tightly closed.
Do what you're told, bend and break until you fold.
A straightjacket under my skin, waiting for me to cave in.

Since first semester it still festers,
this feeling that i just can't shake.
This maze is filled with chances killed with
my own self destructive ways.

I never thought I'd need this comfort,
never thought I'd need this place.
I buried it in case you wondered,
where my hopeful mind still lays.
You could never make me stay here,
cause now I've brought this face to face.
The confidence to face my problems,
will always be a life long chase.

Under the floor, the subconscious rages war,
out of sight but in my head, every single word they said.
I wanted more, who's to say whats in store.
Walk through that door.

I need to move, I need grow.
I need to learn some self control.
We complain, and stay the same,
but we never make things change.

I'm tired.
I'm tired.
Track Name: Gray
There's no one left here anymore.
No one left to lead my war.
No one left to fight my battles.
I'll soldier on to combat the sadness.

I've all but lost my faith,
attempting to break your blockades.
Tried my best to move these mountains,
but with far less people I can count on.

The first mistake I made,
thinking that I can make things change.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
It seems there's no way to prevent this.

And you won't show, you won't show.
And I don't know, I don't know where to go.

And you won't show, you won't show.
And I don't know, I don't know where to go.

I bet I'll never know.